About us

 Welcome to Tansy & Twine!
Breanna and Tenai, two mamas located in Canberra, Australia launched Tansy & Twine in 2018. As essential oil users we realised just how wonderful these little drops of nature’s goodness are. We could see the difference in our lives and couldn’t help but start sharing with our friends and family. Our family and friends would say that our favourite saying is “there’s an oil for that” - it's said on an almost daily basis.  Our houses, handbags, cars are filled with our products made with essential oils!  If someone around us mentions a cold, an ache, a bad night’s sleep, you can bet we are are going to whip out a roller and insist that they take it with them to try!
Breanna has 12 years experience as a beauty therapist with a passion for natural, nourishing beauty products. Breanna’s education in this field has been a major asset to the research and development of our beautiful skin care products. Breanna started using essential oils during her first pregnancy four years ago after looking for natural safe alternatives to many of the products on the market.
Tenai has a background in business management and volunteer work and has a passion for helping others. Tenai started using essential oils two years ago to assist with immune deficiencies and hormonal imbalances and has had life changing success with them.
Our little hobby has now turned into a passion. We want to help your family to see and feel the benefits of using natural options for your loved ones. If you have any questions about essential oils, our products, options for you and your family for specific conditions and issues, PLEASE contacts us! We are here to help.
Unlock the benefits of essential oils today.
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