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Beard Oil - Sandalwood and Fir

Beard Oil - Sandalwood and Fir

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This soothing beard oil is a special blend of woodsy essential oils that smell amazing and also provide antibacterial support. Keeping your bristles softened and your skin healthy. We also recommend using this oil after shaving to help calm the skin. It is non greasy, absorbing in and leaving your skin soft and hydrated.


Ingredients: Almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils of Patchouli*, Cypress*, Sandalwood*, Siberian Fir* and Tea Tree* 

How to use: Place a few drops at the root of your hair and massage. To use after shaving simply place a few drops in your palm and apply to your face and neck.

*All Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils