Pregnant Mama

Pregnant Mama

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A perfect gift for the newly pregnant, mama to be. Covering the aches and pains of pregnancy and as well as breast tenderness. These products are even valuable during labour and after. 

Copaiba & Bergamot Achy Muscles- use for sore backs and achy legs during pregnancy and amazing for back and shoulder pains during breastfeeding 

Frankincense & Bergamot Sore Boobies- use for breast tenderness during and after pregnancy

Clary Sage & Bergamot Labour Support- perfect rooms spray for labour- spray on pillows, clothing, towels and in the air. Use after labour to help balance hormones and create calm and balance. NOT TO BE USED UNTIL FULL TERM

Clary Sage & Myrrh Eviction Notice- help encourage contractions. NOT TO BE USED UNTIL FULL TERM